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  1. electra kyriazis

    I am writing to you from Ireland, I live on a hill in Northeast Wexford called Tara Hill.
    The area is beautiful and the hill its self holds many secrets.
    Recently the forestry a state sponsered body began clear felling the plantation near the summit of the hill. I had long been drawn into the woods in certain areas of the forest and when the clearing began it became apparent why.
    I and a growing number of people living locally believe this hill to be a very sacred site, it has been nearly impossible to get any body to visit the hill to verify wether certain constellations of stones are monuments and thus have them protected. The forestry are using very large invasive machines to remove timber from these sites we desperately need help to get this site protected. ~We have started an online petition at change.org under the heading Coillte save Tara hill as a center of biodiversity and history in north wexford. I have a large number of photographs of some of the sites we feel may be sacred, the views from this hill are amazing and stretch for miles in every direction as well as over looking the sea.
    It is my heart felt desire to see this hill protected and preserved for future generations to enjoy and share.
    Kindest Regards
    Electra Kyriazis

    • sacredsite1

      We have featured Tara Hill in our newsletter and on our website. We agree, it is definitely a sacred site and part of a larger sacred landscape. We are sorry to learn about the felling of a forest on Tara Hill and we would be happy to route people to your website and online petition!


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