Nazca Lines Damage Update

NazcaLHummingbirdUnukornoNazca Lines Hummingbird  Photo source: WikiCommons by Unukorno

Peru’s Minister of Culture, Diana Álvarez-Caldrón, continues to pursue the highest legal measures against Greenpeace, who seriously damaged the hummingbird figure, part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Nazca Lines, one of Peru’s great cultural treasures. She is holding Greenpeace responsible for illegally entering a restricted area and placing large yellow letters spelling out a message urging climate action during a Global Climate Summit held in Peru in December of 2014.

Representatives of Greenpeace have continued to say the stunt was a mistake, not illegal activity. Greenpeace has suggested that they will send a team to evaluate and repair the damages. The Ministry of Culture will not allow this and they have already undertaken steps to evaluate and complete a Site Management Plan for the hummingbird. A Peruvian team will be visiting the site to see if the damage can be repaired.

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