Borger Long Dolmen, Drenthe, Netherlands

Borger Dolmen   Photo by John Palmer
Borger Dolmen Photo by John Palmer


Location: Drenthe, Netherlands

Significance: This is the longest dolmen in the Netherlands, measuring approximately 22-meters in length. It was created in the Neolithic Period roughly, 3400-2850 BCE.

Preservation Status: The Klompmaker, director of the nearby Hunebed Museum of Borger, wanted to turn Borger into a theme park, where people could learn how to carve a canoe, and participate in other activities of the period, fortunately this did not get approved. The Klompmaker also would like excavations to take place, but fortunately this is blocked by the Law, protecting the much tampered early Neolithic hunebeds, which are among the most ancient stone built monuments on earth.

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